Jonah Hill Accidentally Sent Drake His Food Diary

Jonah Hill Accidentally Sent Drake His Food Diary
Some celebrities reach out to Drake to collaborate on music. Not Jonah Hill, though. A late night anecdote delivered to Jimmy Fallon last night (August 2) had the Moneyball actor confessing that he accidentally sent his food diary to the rapper.

Hill's appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had him explaining the situation by noting he was trying to reach a nutritionist, not Drizzy. He had put on excess weight while prepping for his role in War Dogs and was trying to get back into shape, first asking Channing Tatum for advice. After connecting with a nutritionist, he was asked to send the doctor a daily log of his eating habits. And that's when thing got a little awkward.

After itemizing his daily eats — including yogurt and chicken — he fired off the email. When Hill didn't get any response, he quickly realized he'd sent the message to the wrong dude.

"I was looking an hour later through my sent messages, and [my doctor] didn't email back, and he usually says 'Okay' or something," Hill recalled. "And it must have been 'DR' because it was doctor, and I had sent it to Drake. So Drake, who I don't know well at all, I've met him once, he got an email from me that just sent like 'Yogurt. Salad. Chicken.' And it just said 'Jonah' at the end of it."

After making a "0 to 100"-referencing joke about his calorie count, Hill admitted that Drake didn't not get back to him.

"Never spoke to the guy," Hill said with a laugh. "Another guy I gotta duck for the rest of my life on the long laundry list of people I can never speak to again."

You can watch Hill talk about the humorous mix-up down below.