Grimes Blocks Alice Glass on Twitter After Getting Called Out

"imo if you're going to make 'edgy' jokes they should at least be funny"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 1, 2023

Amid their ongoing feud (or just general sense of animosity towards each other), Grimes has blocked Alice Glass on Twitter.

The pseudo-exchange that put the nail in the coffin appears to be when Grimes, being Grimes, tweeted, "Will space colonization end nazi ism [sic]?" She added, "Seems like a lot of lebensraum to go around," referring to a German concept of settler colonialism that was a critical component of the Nazi worldview.

Glass appears to have indirectly responded, tweeting, "imo if you're going to make 'edgy' jokes they should at least be funny." She expanded upon her thoughts, adding, "also. white supremacist jokes are cringe af sweetie," and throwing in a "go colonize the sun" for good measure.

After that, the musician shared a screenshot revealing that Grimes had blocked the former Crystal Castles singer-songwriter's account from following and viewing her tweets.

Last fall, Glass accused the artist born Claire Boucher of "intimidation," as well as allegedly stealing the idea for "Kill V. Maim" of 2015's Art Angels from her.

See the tweets below.
Glass released PREY//IV in 2022, which made Exclaim!'s list of great Canadian albums you might have missed. Meanwhile, Grimes recently revealed that music is now her "side quest," but she's set to feature on Caroline Polachek's new album.

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