Grimes "Kill V. Maim" (Little Jimmy Urine remix)

Grimes 'Kill V. Maim' (Little Jimmy Urine remix)
Earlier this year, Grimes plugged her Art Angels track "Kill V. Maim" with a choreographed-and-costumed music video. Switching things up a bit, she's now handed off the danceable pop track to Mindless Self Indulgence member Jimmy Urine to reinterpret on his own. You can catch a golden stream of the electronic rock figure's remix online now.

Though similar, this alternate version of "Kill V. Maim" features a more industrial approach, landing with crunched-up guitar sounds and a heavier, four-on-the-floor pound. Grimes' vocals come in multiple pitches, whether direct and IRL, chopped-and-screwed into a dark abyss, or bumped up into chipmunk territory.

You'll find Little Jimmy Urine's revamp of "Kill V. Maim" down below.