Alice Glass Lashes Out at Grimes over Songwriting Credits, Accuses Her of "Intimidation"

The fight appears to concern the song "Kill V. Maim"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 30, 2022

Alice Glass has lashed out at Grimes, seemingly accusing the musician of stealing the idea for "Kill V. Maim" and accusing her of "intimidation."

In a series of Instagram Stories posted late Wednesday (September 28), Glass shared what appeared to be a lengthy email from Grimes, responding to apparent accusations about who came up with the idea for "Kill V. Maim" (specifically the cheerleader-style chants). It appears that Grimes and Glass had talked about potentially collaborating on the song "Venus Fly" (which ended up featuring Janelle Monáe in its final form on 2015 album Art Angels).

Glass wrote that Grimes is "right" and that she isn't claiming any ownership of the song, but called her a "Musk fucker" and accused her of intimidation. Glass said she's "scared" of Grimes suing her, as she is "fucking rhe [sic] richest man in the world (gross)." She called her "atraight [sic] up evil" and appeared to suggest that there are "multiple artists" who Grimes has "copied."

It all feels a bit like getting dropped into the middle of an argument that's already underway, especially since we're only hearing Glass's side of the story. See some of Glass's posts below. The Instagram Stories have since timed out.

Grimes hasn't responded publicly to the situation.

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