Exclusive: Here's the Official Poster for 'The Crescent'

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 30, 2017

As previously reported, Dog Day performer turned filmmaker Seth Smith is set to follow his cult breakthrough Lowlife with a new feature film called The Crescent. Billed as an "elevated horror that blends formalist, fictional drama with documentary-like moments of realism," the film will make its world premiere at TIFF next month. First, Exclaim! is proud to debut the poster for the project.

Available below, the poster for The Crescent demonstrates the psychological horrors that await us in the film, all while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look. 

In an email to Exclaim!, Smith gave a little bit of backstory to the poster:

The poster is a Yorodeo design and it was definitely influenced a bit by 70s fantasy and sci-fi paperbacks. We also wanted to incorporate some paper marbling. It's something we've been doing a lot of in the making of the film. We collaborated with master marblers, BL Visuals. it's a very old printing technique, but together we were able to pull off some things I've never seen before. We're also making a limited edition run of screen printed posters for anyone who loves movie posters as much as we do!

Check out the poster for The Crescent below, where you'll also find a teaser for the film.

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