Dog Day Return with New Album 'Present'

Listen to "Hell on Earth" from the Halifax band's first record in seven years
Dog Day Return with New Album 'Present'
At long last, beloved Halifax group Dog Day are coming back with a new album, marking their first in seven years. The record is called Present, and it arrives on August 14 via Fundog. Right now, though, you can hear the lead-off single "Hell on Earth."

Present is the first album from Dog Day since 2013's Fade Out. The years since have seen the creative pair of Seth Smith and Nancy Urich working in film, including the 2017 full-length feature film The Crescent.

The pair have finally shifted back to music, however, teaming back up with original Dog Day drummer KC Spidle and new banmate Meg Yoshida for Present. The upcoming album marks their seventh overall, and according to a press release, "draws as much on a history of gothic synth rock than it does on hook-oriented indie punk."

The PR adds, "It is a much awaited comeback from a band that has never stayed in the same lane and always adapted to their surroundings without losing their gloom-pop throughline."

For a taste of what's in store, check out "Hell on Earth" below.



1. Pictures On The Wall
2. Hell on Earth
3. Mind Reader
4. Elsewhere
5. Start It Up
6. Under The Weight Of Your Word
7. Trouble
8. You Were You
9. Inner Space
10. Does It Hurt To Laugh?
11. Music Lover
12. Nirvana
13. Distraction

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