Watch Ziwe Confront Chet Hanks About His Fake Jamaican Accent

"I was the first person to like, get [Patois] in the conversation"
Watch Ziwe Confront Chet Hanks About His Fake Jamaican Accent
The weather is starting to warm up, and you know what that means: it's about to be another white boy summer — at least if Chet Hanks has any say in the matter. Actor Tom Hanks' notorious Jamaican accent-adopting offspring is back to answer some more burning questions about his rampant cultural appropriation on comedian Ziwe's eponymous no-nonsense talk show.

Never afraid to ask the hard-hitters, Ziwe thrives on making her guests uncomfortable. She cuts right to the chase, asking the anti-vax rapper if he thinks he's inspired young white boys everywhere to speak in Patois after originally introducing the world to his Jamaican accent on the red carpet of the 2019 Golden Globes. (Side note: wow, it's been a whole pandemic since then? Can we somehow trace all of this back to Chet Hanks?)

"I don't know," the SODMG Records signee admitted, shocking everyone. "I think I did make the Patois accent a little more trending — I was the first person to like, get it in the conversation." Ah yes, that's more like it.

Ziwe proceeded to quiz him on some terminology, ahead of turning her attention to the more personal side of semantics: he yelled "Bomboclat," and she asked what that meant to him, as well as inquiring about some of his other favourite sayings like "white boy summer" and "Black girl magic." She also gave him the opportunity to apologize to any marginalized communities, to which Hanks said: "Nah."

You'll have to watch the whole segment below. (We had to, so you should too.)