Chet Hanks Explains What "White Boy Summer" Really Means

He also shares thoughts on Adele and viral fame, alongside reportedly doing 100 burpees in a new interview
Chet Hanks Explains What 'White Boy Summer' Really Means
Anti-vaxxer, rapper and impression artist Chet Hanks — beloved actor Tom Hanks' infamous progeny — has finally cleared up the messaging of his song (and guiding lifestyle principle?) "White Boy Summer."

In a new video interview for Channel 5 with journalist and YouTuber Andrew "Mhmm" Callaghan, Hanks bared both his soul and his chest. During the interview, Callaghan hit him with the question on everyone's minds, boldly asking, "What is 'white boy summer'?"

"White boy summer is... me," Hanks replied, taking us to the existential level.

He elaborated: "White boy summer is fun, inclusive; white boy summer is love. It's about the white boys that love Black queens — it's the white boys that are tuned into the Black girl magic. That's really what white boy summer is all about: just shining a light on interracial relations."

Callaghan followed up by asking Hanks how long he had preferred "uh, Black queens," to which Hanks answered simply: "As long as I can remember."

It's a common theme throughout the interview, which begins with an investigation into the viral clip of Hanks attempting Jamaican Patois on the red carpet — which he apparently learned by imitating a "chick" he was "hooking up with" around the time of the 2020 Golden Globes.

"Jamaican people showed me the most love, hands down," Hanks said of the internet's reaction to the video. "But then you've got all these social justice warriors in America saying that I'm a fuckin' villain."

His thoughts on cultural appropriation in general? Something about learning bull fighting from a matador.

Likewise, Callaghan asked what Hanks thought of that viral photo of Adele wearing a Jamaican flag bikini and Bantu knots. "That was tight," he answered.

What wasn't tight? His childhood sans allowance.

"I don't know if I'm the brokest rich kid or the richest broke kid," Hanks said of growing up with his famous father, citing his "square" parents' short leash as the reason he felt the need to rebel. Maybe that explains why he simply had to double-down on his anti-vax stance after they contracted COVID-19.

Watch the full interview for yourself below if you've got 12 minutes to spare and/or are a masochist.

Last month, Soulja Boy signed Hanks to his label SODMG Records.