Soulja Boy Signs Chet Hanks to SODMG Records

"We about to make history"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 18, 2021

Maybe it's no surprise that two individuals who love to tell 'em are teaming up, but we didn't have this one on our 2021 bingo card: Soulja Boy has signed beloved actor Tom Hanks' controversial son Chet Hanks to his record label SODMG.

"Welcome my newest artist [Chet Hanks] to the family," Soulja Boy wrote in an Instagram caption for a video of him and Hanks letting everyone know that they were officially in cahoots.

"It's going down man," the rapper said in the short clip, "Chet Hanks, man! My new artist signed to SODMG Records as the first rapper signed this yea. We about to make history, you know what I'm saying?"

Aside from his famous father and massive social media presence, Chet Hanks is in fact an MC. He dropped his debut single "White Boy Summer" back in April, which he followed with "DAMN!" in June. Soulja Boy must've scoped out Hanks' — who raps under the name Chet Hanx — potential as a recording artist. Or his viral notoriety. Or his daddy's money, maybe?

One can only imagine what kind of rhymes Hanks will throw down on the album Soulja Boy says they're working on, since he's already so adept at spewing ignorance on social media. Most recently, he doubled down on his anti-vax stance even though his parents both contracted COVID-19. Make it make sense! Meanwhile, his father joined the cast of the next Wes Anderson film.

Check out Soulja Boy's Instagram post announcing his latest signee below.

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