"Known Cokeheads" Told Chet Hanks to "Chill" on His Drug Habit

You better believe he likened himself to 'Scarface' star Tony Montana

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 3, 2024

Giving new meaning to "white boy summer," Chet Hanks has opened up about his past struggles with addiction in a new interview, sharing how "known cokeheads" were telling him to pump the brakes on his drug use.

Appearing on a recent episode of Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk podcast, the artist formerly known as Chet Haze laid things out plainly, telling the host, "The drug I had the most problem with was just f—ing coke, dude. I'm a f—ing cokehead, straight up."

Clarifying that he doesn't use the substance presently, Hanks likened the peak of his problems to one of the wildest white boys in history: Al Pacino's Scarface kingpin Tony Montana.

"You know when you go out to the clubs and there are people that are known cokeheads?" Hanks continued. "You might do a bump with them in the bathroom … I would go to coke with the cokeheads and they would be telling me like, 'Yo, chill bro. Just wait a second. Give it like 15 minutes.' I couldn't get enough of that s—."

Hanks, who has previously spoken at recovery events, now says of his "drug of choice," "It's terrible. It eats away [at you]. You just, like, wither away 'cause you can't eat, you can't sleep."

Hanks recently appeared in a trailer for MTV's The Surreal Life: Villa of Secrets. You can watch his Raw Talk podcast appearance below, sharing his thoughts on cocaine just after the 50-minute mark.

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