Thurston Moore Actually Made a Techno Album

Thurston Moore Actually Made a Techno Album
Photo: Rick Clifford
The title of Thurston Moore's latest solo offering, Rock n Roll Consciousness, is fairly self-explanatory as to what type of music the album features. However, the ex-Sonic Youth member isn't one to confine himself to labels, having apparently recorded an entire record of techno music.

As Pitchfork points out, Moore revealed the album's existence in conversation with LCD Soundsystem's Tyler Pope on the Talkhouse podcast, adding that the record is currently unreleased.

"It's not gonna be under my name. I don't want anyone to come to it with any preconceived idea," Moore said. "Like: 'This insufferable idiot just made a techno record?' Forget about it."

You can listen the conversation between Moore and Pope in the player below. Rock n Roll Consciousness is out now via Caroline International.