Killer Mike Reflects on Grammys Arrest in "HUMBLE ME" Video

His son found a kidney donor the very next day

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 1, 2024

Los Angeles police recently announced that Killer Mike won't face charges following his arrest at the Grammys, and now the incident has inspired a new single and music video from the rapper.

"HUMBLE ME" is a reflection on wealth, success and religion, with a black-and-white video showing Mike being stripped of jewels and handcuffed.

"I was in the studio the very next day. I'm as inspired as ever and I'm just following the music at this point," Mike said of his arrest and the subsequent news that a kidney donor had been found for his son Pony Boy. "All my heroes have been cuffed and mishandled in some way. I just thanked God in that moment of being Daniel in the lion's den. I came out of the jailhouse in the pouring rain to my wife waiting for me, lit a joint, celebrated a bit and then woke up and got the news about my son's kidney. I believe that humility and worship granted me God's grace in the face of that test, and I believe my son receiving his kidney was a blessing from God."

"HUMBLE ME" follows last year's album MICHAEL. A press release notes that the new single comes from a "forthcoming project that will act as an epilogue to the MICHAEL era."

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