Kanye West's Horrifying "Eazy" Video Shows Him Decapitating Pete Davidson

It coincides with both his divorce and the harrowing third chapter of the 'jeen-yuhs' documentary

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 3, 2022

The grim Kanye West spectacle continues. As the rapper now known as Ye fumbles his way through the rollout of Donda 2, he has now released a horrifying video for that album's "Eazy." The clip shows him murdering Pete Davidson, the reported boyfriend of ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

It starts promisingly enough, with a moody beat and the Game rapping while sitting on top of a casket. But then Kanye begins rapping about skipping therapy, wanting to "let God in," and having the "best divorce ever." He threatens to "beat Pete Davidson's ass," and we witness a disturbing claymation storyline in which Kanye kidnaps a man (who appears to be Davidson), decapitates him, buries the head and turns it into a rose bush.

The related news, the third part of Netflix's jeen-yuhs documentary came out yesterday, offering a harrowing glimpse into Ye's struggles with mental illness, addiction, narcissism and grief. Also yesterday, Ye's divorce from Kim Kardashian was legally finalized.

Donda 2 — which we're honestly supposed to believe is a tribute to Ye's mom? — has been released in possibly unfinished form via the Stem Player. The upsetting "Eazy" video is below.

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