Kanye West Releases a (Possibly Unfinished) Version of 'Donda 2'

'V2.22.22 MIAMI' is out through the Stem Player

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 25, 2022

Donda 2 may not have come out on February 22, but Kanye West only missed his deadline by a few days, since the album is out now exclusively on the Stem Player.

That being said, Donda 2 might not actually be finished. Somewhat cryptically, this version of the album is being called V2.22.22 MIAMI, seemingly implying that more versions might be coming.

Previously, four songs had been made available: "Open Road," "Pablo," "Security" and "We Did It Kid." That number has now been bumped up to 16, although not all of the new songs are accounted for; "Mr. Miyagi," featuring Playboi Carti, isn't out yet. There's also no album cover (although the first Donda album just had a black square, so who knows).

The Stem Player costs $200 USD — although West's messy livestream from Miami might not have inspired much confidence in fans who were considering buying one. It's available from the player's official website.

The Donda 2 tracklist is below [via Pitchfork].

Donda 2 (V2.22.22 MIAMI):

1. True Love
2. Broken Road
3. Get Lost
4. Too Easy
5. Flowers
6. Security
7. We Did It Kid
8. Pablo
9. Louie Bags
10. Happy
11. Sci Fi
12. Selfish
13. Lord Lift Me Up
14. Keep It Burning
15. City of Gods
16. First Time in a Long Time

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