If Taylor Swift Is "into Poly," Killer Mike Has a Proposition for Her

Karma is my boyfriend, and me and my wife's girlfriend

Photo: Jonathan Mannion

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 15, 2024

Last week, Killer Mike swept the Grammys with his album MICHAEL, which he told us was the "album of the year, unquestionably." Though he wasn't nominated for said award by the Recording Academy, he has a proposal for this year's winner.

The rapper made his first press appearance since the Grammys on The Daily Show on Tuesday (February 13), where he quickly confirmed that he couldn't speak on his arrest after a conflict with an "over-zealous security guard." Instead, he and host Jordan Klepper landed on the topic of Taylor Swift.

"Shouts out to Taylor, man," Killer Mike said. "God damn, she won the Grammys. Her boyfriend won the Chiefs. If she's into poly, me and my wife need a third. We're trying to win again!"

While polyamory may be the more apt term, Klepper asked whether Mike thought he could pull off polygamy right now. "I feel like I could pull it off," he replied. "Only problem is my wife's good with a gun. She doesn't agree, but I'll keep trying for all the men out there!"

All of this was said with a thick layer of irony, though the thought of Killer Mike and his wife liking Swift's vibe from across the bar and inviting her over for board games is a hilarious mental image. Watch it all go down below. 

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