Killer Mike Commemorates Grammys Sweep by Selling $100 Broom

The only way to get a certified clean-sweep of the rap category (or the floor)

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 7, 2024

When Exclaim! spoke to him last summer, Killer Mike told us that he had made the "album of the year, unquestionably" with MICHAEL. As his latest streaming upload of the album indicates, he has since amended that to rap album of the year — a premonition that very much came true at last weekend's Grammy Awards

Despite Taylor Swift taking home the actual Album of the Year award, the rapper won not only Best Rap Album, but Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for "SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS," his STEM-honouring collaboration with André 3000, Eryn Allen Kane and Future. (He also ended up getting arrested for misdemeanour battery at the ceremony, but says that was only a "speed bump" in his historic night.)

To prove further that he remains in good humour about everything, Killer Mike has added a new album to his merch store inspired by his Grammys victories: a broom. For a cool and reasonable $100 USD, you too can make sure that both the Recording Academy's rap category and the floors get a clean sweep. 

As if anything additional was required to make this broom not just a regular broom, the wood-handled, industrial-sized cleaning instrument has "MICHAEL CLEAN SWEEP" written across its head. It also allegedly covers three times the surface area.

The rapper wrote on Twitter that the broom is used "exclusively" for sweeping the Grammys, but that just seems a bit impractical. Either way, the Michael Broom has since sold out on Killer Mike's website.

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