Hear Imperial Triumphant Cover Rush's "Jacob's Ladder"

The experimental metal trio's take is decidedly stormier

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 7, 2023

Rush's "Jacob's Ladder" is not only the standout centrepiece of their 1980 album Permanent Waves, but one of the heaviest compositions the trio had cut to tape at that point. Now, Imperial Triumphant have driven the song into stormier territory with a new cover.

Imperial Triumphant's take on the beloved Canadian group's song, named for the natural phenomenon of the sun's rays visibly breaking through clouds in the sky, is decidedly darker. From the way the New York trio have twisted the opening arpeggios, one gets a sense that the "bruised and sullen storm clouds" Geddy Lee sang of are darker and more menacing than ever.

"Rush's influence is undoubtedly far and wide in so much heavy music, and although we consider our music quite different from theirs, a strong thread holds it all together," Imperial Triumphant share of their latest cover choice. "As big fans of their giant body of work, we wanted to include a song in our cover series to pay tribute to this great unique band. We also wanted the cover image to reflect the legendary Permanent Waves artwork."

Hear both Imperial Triumphant's "Jacob's Ladder" cover and Rush's original in the players below.

Permanent Waves celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020, and Rush treated it to an expanded reissue to mark the occasion. In November, vocalist-bassist Lee will publish his memoirMy Effin' Life.

Imperial Triumphant delivered fifth album Spirit of Ecstasy last year.

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