Neil Young Is Back Living in Ontario

He and wife Daryl Hannah have been hiding out at 116-year-old cottage on lake near his hometown of Omemee

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Apr 28, 2021

Never one to shy away from updates, Neil Young has a lot to say on his Neil Young Archives site, so it's more than a little easy to miss some pretty key details. Among those is the fact that he and wife Daryl Hannah have actually moved from Colorado to a 116-year-old cottage on lake near his Ontario hometown of Omemee.

Buried in his recent updates on his website is word from Young about the move back to Ontario. According to Young's update in late March, he and Hannah "moved back to Canada to an old cottage on the lake" sometime after September 2020.

He went on to write, "We winterized it, a 116 year old wooden beauty and we stayed almost six months there in Canada near my hometown, where I first had started to go to school."

It's a bit unclear if Young and co. are there living at the Ontario cottage at this very moment, but the songwriter did write that he used the place as a bit of an isolation chamber.

"All that time the lockdown was still in effect in Canada as the pandemic raged. We stayed home with the rare gift of focus," he wrote.

For the unfamiliar, Omemee is a small community in the Kawarthas and has the honour of being Young's childhood hometown.

And while we'd love to know more about this 116-year-old cottage of his, Young spent most of his time during recent updates laying out his many upcoming archival releases. Among the many projects are six "Official Bootleg" releases, four new volumes in his "Original Recording Series," and a live Crazy Horse album captured in 2012/13 called Live Alchemy, set to arrive on October 29.

Not stopping there, we have 2022 releases like an unreleased Crazy Horse effort called EARLY DAZE, CSNY's concert effort at Fillmore East from 1970-1971, a Buffalo Springfield box set, a Bridge School Series, and a third volume of Neil Young Archives.

Believe it or not, there are even more releases incoming, and you can get more details in handy list form over at Neil Young fansite Thrasher Wheat.

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