Grimes Addresses Backlash over Her Comments That Live Music Is Becoming "Obsolete"

Zola Jesus, Devon Welsh and d'Eon have already weighed in on her latest comments

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 23, 2019

This past week, Grimes ruffled lots of feathers when she predicted that AI would make live music "obsolete." Now, she has continued the debate by attempting to clarify her comments.

She responded specifically to a Zola Jesus tweet that called her "the voice of silicon fascist privilege." She praised Zola Jesus' Twitter thread for making "hella interesting points," and offered a ten-part thread of her own.

She argued that technology has always changed the way that people create and listen to music, and that "technology is democratizing music," resulting in a "incredible creative explosion largely driven by accessible music technologies." She acknowledged that he use of her word "obsolete" wasn't quite accurate, but questioned why she was being called fascist.

There has already been some backlash. Former Majical Cloudz singer Devon Welsh criticized her recent Apple ad campaign, while producer d'Eon (a onetime Grimes collaborator) questioned her claim that technology has democratized music, writing, "We're still dependent on massive companies to pluck us out of obscurity."

Zola Jesus has also gotten back into the fray with another Twitter thread, calling Grimes "cynical about art and people's connections to it" and "entitled and ungrateful" in the way she is embracing AI technology over human connection. She also clarified her comments about Grimes' "fascist privilege."

Read the whole thing below — first Grimes' thread, and then the responses below that.

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