Grimes / d'Eon

"Vanessa" / "Transparency"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Mar 29, 2011

Montreal chanteuse Claire Boucher has been wildly prolific in the brief amount of time she's been performing as Grimes, having released two albums in 2010 alone. As previously reported, she's now teamed up with her equally buzzed-about bud d'Eon for a split twelve-inch.

"Vanessa" is a song from Grimes' side of the record, and it demonstrates a welcome new cohesion to her sound. The trippy atmospherics and ethereal vocals remain in tact, but the addition of a solid, uptempo beat push her into a new realm of dreamy dance pop.

Download "Vanessa" here courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear.

As an added bonus, you can also download a d'Eon track from the release called "Transparency" here via Altered Zones.

Grimes' split twelve-inch with d'Eon, dubbed Darkbloom, will be available courtesy of Arbutus/Hippos in Tanks on April 19.

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