Doldrums Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, June 19

Doldrums Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, June 19
Photo: Kevin Jones
"I grew up, like, two blocks from here. It's always good to be at Lee's Palace. It's one of my favourite venues," said Doldrums leader Airick Woodhead, who wasted no time getting the party started last night (June 19). A mix of new and old songs kept their set ethereal and upbeat, and fans moved with the warbling electronics that surrounded Woodhead's swirly, distorted vocals.
"Egypt" hit hard with tribal atmospherics that built into the most perfect drum solo, as blips and big vocals curled through the audience, who sung along with Woodhead a bit during the course of the song.
The latter half of the set delved further into the off-kilter dance tracks from their latest album, The Air Conditioned Nightmare, sparking a full-blown dance party with "Hotfoot" that continued until Doldrums took their final bow and left the stage.