Doldrums "Limerence" (video)

Doldrums 'Limerence' (video)
After delivering his Esc LP earlier this year, Doldrums (a.k.a. Airick Woodhead) is looking back at the release with a new video for "Limerence."

The clip was directed by David Kleiser, who is also currently playing drums for Doldrums on tour. As Woodhead said in a statement, "it's been fun making things with him, feels pretty casual and was made for like zero money, just lots of care."

He explained the song and video further:

David Kleiser's video for "Limerence" is a home-made masterpiece, featuring thunderbirds-like toy figures he made of me on an alien planet, a barbarella-esque zero gravity sequence and this flower spaceship that I pilot through a portal which explodes out of my own chest (w tons-o blood).

"Limerence" is a really crucial song on the album - writing it was me working through a conception of love that was healthy vs one that was unhealthy. It's a beautiful word, too. It describes a situation where you are addicted to someone, mentally or physically, to the point where your body rewards you when you interact with them, and the situations that that can lead you into.

Watch the video in the player below.