Sum 41 Share Sombre Piano Ballad for Single Parents Everywhere

"Never There" appears on the band's new album 'Order in Decline'

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 18, 2019

Next month, pop-punk survivors Sum 41 will return with a new album called Order in Decline. We've already heard the band's metal-tinged "A Death in the Family" and "Out for Blood," and now they've dropped one of their classic piano-rock ballads.

"Never There" is a slow, sincere anthem dedicated to single parents everywhere. In its accompanying video, Deryck Whibley performs the song in an abandoned house while remembering his own upbringing.

In a press release, he shared the following statement about the tune:

I never wanted to write this song, it just kind of poured out of me. I tried to fight it at first but there was no stopping it. I could tell I was writing about my dad, who I've never met and throughout my life it has always been a subject that I don't really think about or care about. It has never really bothered me and when I started thinking about why it never bothered me, I realized it was because my mum was so great and I have such a loving relationship with her. She was so strong as a single mother for my whole life that I never needed to think about my dad.

Watch the video for "Never There" below. 

Order in Decline arrives July 19 via Hopeless Records. Sum 41 will play a number of dates on the travelling Disrupt Festival next month, before playing Toronto's Echo Beach in August. You can find their tour itinerary over here.

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