Soft Riot "Your Own Private Underworld" (video)

Soft Riot 'Your Own Private Underworld' (video)
There are plenty of post-apocalyptic thoughts embedded into English darkwaver Soft Riot's (a.k.a. Jack Duckworth) 2013 debut LP, Fiction Prediction, with a new video for album closer "Your Own Private Underworld" exploring the desolation of a cityscape following apparently society-changing "clashes in the streets."

There are two sides to the video, with Duckworth found building up tense sinewave terror in a blackened room full of vintage keyboards. The other star of the video is a hoodied figure, strolling around empty, East London streets, bridges and tube stations. Following the lonely aboveground exploration, the day is capped with a sullen sit-down in what we presume to be that person's mist-filled private underworld. It's not exactly a Morlock paradise, but it'll do.

You'll find the lonely visuals down below.