Soft Riot "For Your Entertainment" (video)

Soft Riot 'For Your Entertainment' (video)
Canadian-born, UK-based synth master Soft Riot (a.k.a. Jack Duckworth) is fixing a critical eye at the non-stop blast of information served up by the media in his new video for You Never Know What Might Come Next single "For Your Entertainment," and seemingly having a hell of a lot of fun in the process. Equal parts weird, grim and jokey, the video is online and ready to, well, entertain.

As with many of Duckworth's songs, "For Your Entertainment" is filled with various vintage keyboard sounds, hard-clanking proto-industrial beats and his decidedly more organic baritone croon.

A statement from Soft Riot describes the video as a "black satire of the modern media-drenched world we live in" and finds Duckworth taking on various newscaster roles.

Below, you'll discover Duckworth playing everyone from ground-zero reporter Derek Laser, to the rigid mechano-anchor of the "Robo News," to a bizarrely blood-soaked pianist helping score one station's daily headlines.