Soft Riot "You Never Know What Might Come Next" (video)

Soft Riot 'You Never Know What Might Come Next' (video)
Sheffield, UK synth-manipulator Jack Duckworth is about to take us on a sonic journey via his next Soft Riot LP, You Never Know What Might Come Next. Fittingly, an unpredictable and eerie new music video for the title track has been delivered ahead of the album's physical release. Exclaim! is premiering Duckworth's twisted travelogue through an English mountainscape, which you can see right now.

Early on, the clip finds the darkwave musician enjoying some quiet time while reading Carl Sagan high up on a hilltop. His copy of Cosmos, however, appears to have a life of its own, and helps steer Soft Riot towards exploring a wild and open locale full of interplanetary gates, ominous hill dwellers, and a few robed travelers. Throughout, as the chorus explains, Duckworth is searching for "the answer."

Propelled by Soft Riot's terse arrangement of whirring machine beats, vintage synth weirdness and baritone vocals, the video can be found down below.

Both the digital edition and limited release CD of You Never Know What Might Come Next arrived earlier this year, but EXBTN gives the album a proper commercial release next month.