Rapper Claims Iron Maiden Are Suing Him over Artwork Similarities

The cover for OsamaSon's 'Flex Musix (FLXTRA)' resembles a 'Powerslave' era rendering of Eddie

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 2, 2024

The crossover episode of hip-hop and metal album artwork design continues: after Doja Cat had to change her Scarlet cover art last year for its resemblance to Chaver's Of Gloom, rapper OsamaSon is claiming that he's being sued by Iron Maiden over artwork similarities.

"Iron Maiden is suing me so... ......cover is gone," the hip-hop producer wrote in a since-expired Instagram Story, captured by @Kurrco on Twitter. OsamaSon was referring to the art for the deluxe edition of his Flex Musix (FLXTRA) album, released back in February, which resembles a Powerslave era drawing of the metal band's perennial mascot, Eddie.

The original Maiden artwork features a mummified Eddie from the chest up, chewing on a chain while being struck by lighting — one of the many Derek Riggs-drawn renderings tied to the band's 1984 classic album. As you can see, OsamaSon's art also features a chain-chewing mummy being struck by lightning. Coincidence?

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