NXNE Announces Initial 2023 Lineup with Housewife, Rip Pop Mutant, Fionn

The festival takes place June 13 to 17 in Toronto

BY Allie GregoryPublished Feb 16, 2023

NXNE will return in 2023 from June 13 to 17, and the festival has just announced its first wave of performing artists set to descend in Toronto this summer.

Leading the list of over 300 performers at this year's festivities are Alex Southey, Black Note Graffiti, CharmaineFionn, the Garrys, Housewife, Platinum Moon, Pony Girl, Rip Pop Mutant, Shawnee Kish, VISSIA and many more.

Festival passes are now available for $25, or free of charge when you sign up through Neo Financial. See more ticketing information here

"NXNE has never been more committed to reducing financial barriers for people to make and consume music than we are right now as demonstrated by our elimination of fees to apply to play, our commitment to paying all performing artists and our extremely low-cost festival passes," said NXNE founder Michael Hollett. "Our revolutionary partnership with Neo allows us to go one step further and offer NXNE fans a chance to attend the festival for free and even have some cash for a drink, parking or the TTC. It has never been easier — or cheaper — to explore the future of music at NXNE."

See the first wave of artists performing at this year's NXNE below, and stay tuned for further announcements.

36? (Calgary, AB)
Accolades (Toronto, ON)
Alex Southey (Toronto, ON)
Almyr Jules (Ottawa, ON)
Ariel View (Ontario, CA)
ashlye (Brampton, ON)
Balto (Los Angeles, CA)
Banditos (Nashville, TN)
Bandits on the Run (Brooklyn, NY)
Bealby Point (North Vancouver, BC)
Big Loser (Winnipeg, MB)
Black Note Graffiti (Ann Arbor, MI)
Black Pontiac (North Vancouver, BC)
Blvck Hippie (Memphis, TN)
Borderline Toxic (London, UK)
Borito (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Bree Taylor (Mississauga, ON)
Broken Fires (Swansea / London, UK)
Chris Pierce (Savannah, GA)
Cindë (Toronto, ON)
Cinzia & the Eclipse (Montréal, QC)
Dali Van Gogh (Halifax, NS)
Danny Toeman (London, UK)
Diamond Weapon (Toronto, ON)
Dilettante (Manchester, UK)
Durham County Poets (Ormstown, QC)
Electric Religious (Edmonton, AB)
Equal (Oshawa, ON)
Eric Ryan (Toronto, ON)
Fame Cartel (Hamilton, ON)
Fionn (Vancouver, BC)
FKB (Edmonton, AB)
Flamél (El Paso, TX)
Gunner & Smith (Saskatoon, SK)
Half Tangerine (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Harkness (Toronto, ON)
Hot Fudge Sundae (Guelph, ON)
Housewife (Toronto, ON)
Jessica Sevier (Toronto, ON)
Joey O'Neil (Dawson City, YT)
Josh Bogert (Vancouver, BC)
Kevin Daniel & the Bottom Line (Nashville, TN)
King Kuda (Brighton, UK)
King of Foxes (Edmonton, AB)
KYLO (Toronto, ON)
LGS (Ottawa, ON)
Living Room for Small (Kitchener/Waterloo, ON)
Luxe (Toronto, ON)
Lynn (Taipei City, Taiwan)
Maddisun (Cranbrook, BC)
Mark and the Tiger (Pasadena, CA)
Missy D (Vancouver, BC)
Monad (Tel Aviv, Israel) 
monarch. (Brooklyn, NY)
Moving City (Vancouver, BC)
Napoleon (Toronto, ON)
Nederveen (Bristol, UK)
Nicole Ariana (Halifax, NS)
Osyron (Calgary, AB)
Pixie & the Partygrass Boys (Salt Lake City, UT)
Platinum Moon (New York, NY)
Pony Girl (Ottawa/Hull, ON)
Prado Monroe (Vancouver, BC)
Queens & Kings (Toronto, ON)
Rip Pop Mutant (Montreal, QC)
Sadé Awele (Vancouver, BC)
Saults (London, UK)
Shawnee Kish (Edmonton, AB)
Sky Olson & the Valley (Salt Lake City, UT)
Sleep Outside (Cardiff, Wales)
Sorry, Peach (Spartanburg, SC)
St. Arnaud (Edmonton, AB)
Stuck on Planet Earth (Vaughan, ON)
Surf Dads (Regina, SK)
Taylor Ashton (Vancouver, BC)
The 12/21 (Winnipeg, MB)
The Band Ice Cream (Toronto, ON)
The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers (Los Angeles, CA)
The Garrys (Saskatoon, SK)
The Magnettes (Pajala, Sweden)
The Motive (London, UK)
The People Versus (Oxford, UK)
The Q-Tip Bandits (Boston, MA)
The Vanrays (Vancouver, BC)
theWorst (Portland, ME)
Velvet Rouge (Philadelphia, PA)
Victory (Toronto, ON)
VISSIA (Edmonton, AB)
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys (Boston, MA)
Wave Montega (Malton, ON)
We Demand Parachutes (Boston, MA)
Wonderstate (Minneapolis, MN)
YASSiN & Sean Terrio (Oakville, ON)
ZELA (Newcastle, UK)
Zeroscape (Toronto, ON)

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