Noah Reid Shares Uplifting New Single Ahead of Album Release

Listen to "Statue's in the Stone" now

BY Kayla HigginsPublished May 27, 2022

Schitt's Creek star Noah Reid is re-dipping his toes into the music sphere, sharing a new single "Statue's in the Stone" off his forthcoming album, Adjustments.

The fourth track to be lifted from the album — following "Minneapolis," "Rivers Underground" and "Everyday" — tells the tragedy that is mankind; building a weary lament for the state of the human race into a booming crescendo, lit up in lush harmonies and incandescent horns. 

Of the single, Reid said: "We live in a very judgmental time, where social media really highlights this urge to tear each other down. But I think if we looked inside ourselves with any kind of honesty, we'd realize that what we need is within us, and we'd be able to lead with a little more love and kindness."

The follow-up to Reid's sophomore and junior efforts, Songs from a Broken Chair and Gemini, respectively, the new album will see a June 24 release. 

Listen to "Statue's in the Stone" below. 

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