Noah Reid Explores Toronto's Buried Waterways on New Single "Rivers Underground"

It's the second to arrive from his forthcoming album 'Adjustments'

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 1, 2022

Noah Reid — of Schitt's Creek fame — has released another single from his forthcoming album Adjustments.

The track is titled "Rivers Underground" and features string arrangement by composer Drew Jurecka. According to Reid, it was inspired by Toronto's underground waterways.

He said in a release: "My wife Clare and I have talked at various points about how easy it would've been for us not to find our way to each other. Writing this song, I was thinking about how Toronto's built on all these underground creeks and rivers, and how that's a good metaphor for the strangeness of human connection — these waters trying to find their way out to the lake, flowing together or ending up apart."

Last month, Reid shared Adjustments lead single "Everyday." The full record is due on June 24.

Back in 2020, Exclaim! sat down with Reid to discuss his time on Schitt's Creek, as well as his most recent solo album Gemini.

Listen to "Rivers Underground" below.

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