Lil BUB "New Gravity"

Lil BUB 'New Gravity'
There's an understandable divide between Internet cats. Normies have Grumpy Cat, with all of his merchandising. Hip-hop heads have Meow the JewelsAnd finally, indie rock kids get to rock out to the music of  Lil BUB. Today, we get the first taste of BUB's album with a proper track.

The song really, really sounds like it was written and performed by human beings, and not an adorable cat with a uniquely squished face. That said, beneath the synths and pounding drums, you'll also hear some purring.

Listen to "New Gravity" below. Science and Magic arrived on December 4 via Joyful Noise.

When you're promoting a new album, it's also not uncommon to do a press tour. As such, Lil BUB also made an appearance on The Talkhouse podcast, where she "spoke" with Superchunk drummer and "The Best Show" mainstay Jon Wurster. You can listen to that full "conversation" below.