Hawksley Workman Unveils 'Old Cheetah' LP

Hawksley Workman Unveils 'Old Cheetah' LP
Hawksley Workman has spent much of the past couple of years behind the drums with Mounties, but he's now stepping out front and centre with a new solo album. This is called Old Cheetah, and it will be out on June 2 through Six Shooter Records.

All we currently know about the record comes from a 23-second trailer. It consists of an image of a cheetah and a snippet of abstract music that consists of clattering percussion and seasick synth abstractions. Watch the trailer below.

For anyone who has been paying close attention, this announcement doesn't come as too much of a shock; for the last few months, the songwriter's Facebook profile picture has consisted of the words "Old Cheetah."

Workman's most recent solo endeavour was his one-man play The God That Comes, which got a soundtrack album in 2013. Before that, 2011's Full Moon Eleven was a reworking of his 2001 Christmas album Almost a Full Moon. His last traditional album was in 2010, when he released the companion pieces Meat and Milk.

Meanwhile, Mounties are touring Europe this spring.