Haviah Mighty Is Feeling "Antisocial" on Huge New Single

Listen to the collaboration with Old Man Saxon now
Haviah Mighty Is Feeling 'Antisocial' on Huge New Single
It's an era where we're all feeling a little antisocial whether we like it or not, and rising Toronto rapper Haviah Mighty has captured the moment with a huge new single called "Antisocial."

The song, which is a collaboration with Old Man Saxon, is a banger that waxes introspection on self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves at our most vulnerable.

Of the song, Haviah shared the following statement:

I remember listening to the beat months ago, feeling really energized by the hard cuts and bouncy percussion. That energy within was bottled up as I sat on my bed, hanging out alone, socially distancing - something I spent a lot of time doing around the time I wrote this song. As I got comfortable and familiar with being alone, I focused on self-help and self-care. As someone who generally only felt comfortable on the go in the messy hustle and bustle that is life, this time of slowing down to better get to know me was important. This song focuses on those emotions of self-confidence that we feel inside, the desire to be alone, the desire to sit with one's thoughts, and to validate oneself. I wanted to feature somebody who could embody off-the-cuff energy, and someone who is non-conforming and self-driven - Old Man Saxon came to mind. We chatted about what it means to be antisocial - enjoying one's own space, especially as a vulnerable creative.

Listen to "Antisocial" below.