Grimes Weighs In on Kesha Court Ruling: "It's Basically Like Slavery"

Grimes Weighs In on Kesha Court Ruling: 'It's Basically Like Slavery'
Photo by Michael Avedon
All eyes have been on Kesha this past week, following the court ruling that prevented her from dissolving a recording contract with Sony and Dr. Luke. Many artists have stood behind Kesha, with Canadian electronic pop maker Grimes (a.k.a. Claire Boucher) now calling the binding contractual snafu "basically like slavery."

Grimes had previously expressed her support for Kesha over Twitter last Saturday (February 20), writing "empathy 4 Kesha." She called the situation — wherein Kesha is still contractually bound to Sony after allegedly suffering sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of Dr. Luke — "the worst."
A new interview with London's Time Out [via FACT] brought up the matter with the musician as well, with Boucher clarifying her position further.

"You shouldn't be allowed to sign a human being, regardless of what the allegations are or what anyone said or did," she said. "It's basically like slavery. She should be allowed to record [with other people]. It's a deeply fucked situation."

The rest of the interview discusses the correlation between wealth and pop music, the U.S. presidential campaign, drugs and more. It can be found here.

As previously reported, an open letter from Kesha thanked friends and fans earlier this week for their support since last week's ruling. Fans have been protesting the Sony Entertainment Headquarters in New York today (February 26), in efforts to have Kesha released from her contract.