Elrichman "Your Ancient Evenings" (video)

Elrichman 'Your Ancient Evenings' (video)
When he's not playing in Gay, Paul Erlichman intentionally misspells his last name to perform as Elrichman. Under that solo moniker, he's prepared a full-length album called Young, Healthy & Wonderful, and today (August 25) Elrichman has teased the record via a new video for the new track "Your Ancient Evenings."

The clip was directed by Erlichman's Gay bandmate Cam Murray and follows the singer as he ponders life and death in a graveyard. Somehow, things manage to stay relatively light and warm, thanks in no small part to the video's artistic black and white style, as well as shots of Erlichman puffing a stogie. The video serves as a nice supplement to the timeless folk-pop gem.

Watch the video for "Your Ancient Evenings" below. Elrichman's Young, Healthy & Wonderful will arrive on September 2 via Pleasence. He will celebrate the release with a show on Saturday (August 30) in Toronto.

You can get the details here.