Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs Return with New Album 'Real One'

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BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Nov 13, 2020

Three years on from sharing their self-titled album, Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs have detailed a follow-up effort. The Toronto outfit will share Real One on February 19 through Dine Alone.

Produced by Kevin Ratterman, Real One is said to be "a record that could be staged on Broadway," finding Coffey and co. anthemic and ambitious in celebrating love, commitment, community, belief and progress across its 11 tracks.

Joining the band are vocalist Siânteuse, sax man Joseph Shabason and Paul Erlichman (Ducks Unlimited, Elrichman).

Arriving alongside the news is album opener "Back with the Gang," which Coffey describe as "an instructional, motivational song...Get back out there, get swingin', you're back with the fucking gang! You got this, daddy!"

"'Back with the Gang' is our way of saying 'WE'RE BACK! AND WE'VE STILL GOT GUITARS.'" Coffey elaborated. "We got really into junkshop glam while recording this, particularly bands like Laurice, the Equals, Slade, and Sweet. Before taking this to the studio, we tested it out at shows at about half speed. We loved the song, but the slow pace and high register was burning us and the people at the show out. Enter our great producer Kevin Ratterman to fix the problem! He told us to turn up the BPM and detuned the song to make it feel heavier."  

Real One:

1. Back With The Gang
2. What This City Needs
3. Magic
4 Sounds Alright
5. Gates of Heaven
6. 15 Minutes
7. Lately
8. She Knows
9. Spirit of The Radio
10. RUN Angel
11. Real One

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