Blacklisted "Turn In the Pike" (video)

Blacklisted 'Turn In the Pike' (video)
While Blacklisted could have used live footage of a menacing mosh pit to help promote their When People Grow, People Go single "Turn in the Pike," the hardcore crew have instead opted to present the restless rager with something even more chaotic: a children's playdate.

Witness as teeth-baring toddlers topple well-kept boxes of toys over to make Fisher Price racetracks, bounce on beds like the future stagedivers they are, and dementedly dance to the manic score of distortion and breakneck drumbeats while wearing their little tutus. Most frightening is the reveal that the tiny terrors have pried a poor hamster from its family, keeping it captive in a wicker basket when not being unnaturally bear-hugged. It's positively monstrous.

Blacklisted deliver When People Grow, People Go February 20 through Deathwish Inc.