Blacklisted "Deeper Kind"

Blacklisted 'Deeper Kind'
Now that we know Blacklisted are ready to roll out their When People Grow, People Go LP in the new year, the Philly hardcore outfit are giving us an early tease of the upcoming aural onslaught with a stream for its "Deeper Kind."

A ground-shaking arrangement of detuned riffs and powder keg percussion explode up front, with the mean and murky approach finding vocalist George Hirsch darkly introspective, or in his own words: "dealing with feelings I tend to neglect." His barked-out in-depth personal analysis takes a look at emotional scars, abuse, and more.

You'll find the cut down below, while When People Grow, People Go, Blacklisted's first full-length in six years, lands February 20 through Deathwish Inc.