Besnard Lakes Reveal New 12-inch, Share "Laura Lee"

Besnard Lakes Reveal New 12-inch, Share 'Laura Lee'
The Besnard Lakes kicked off 2016 with their A Coliseum Complex Museum LP, and they'll be taking similar action next year with a new mini-release.

A new two-song 12-inch called The Besnard Lakes Are the Divine Wind is slated to arrive on February 3 via Jagjaguwar.

The release will hold the tracks "Laura Lee" and "The Divine Wind," with both songs being recorded at the same time as A Coliseum Complex Museum. As a press release explains, "The namesake site of Montreal's the Besnard Lakes exists in Canada's rural Saskatchewan, visited by the group's core couple, Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, each summer. Last time around, the pair found themselves surrounded by the flames of a forest fire, a chaotic songwriting experience that went on to inform the devil-may-care spirit of their fifth record."

That said, the pair of songs included on the upcoming 12-inch didn't fit the overall album, which is why they are being released now.

Described as a "sibling track" to A Coliseum Complex Museum's "The Golden Lion," you can hear the release's "Laura Lee" below.

The Besnard Lakes Are the Divine Wind:

1. Laura Lee
2. The Divine Wind