A New Dead Cross Album Is Coming, Dave Lombardo Confirms

"Music was wrapped up back in late December 2019...It's waiting"
A New Dead Cross Album Is Coming, Dave Lombardo Confirms
Dead Cross have yet to share a full-length follow-up to their debut 2017 self-titled album, but drummer Dave Lombardo has revealed that a sophomore album could see release later this year.

In an appearance on The MetalSucks Podcast, the ex-Slayer beatkeeper was asked for an update on Dead Cross activity.

Lombardo shared that the group — which also features Mike Patton, Justin Pearson (the Locust, Retox, Head Wound City) and Michael Crain (Retox, Festival of Dead Deer) — had finished recording a new album towards the end of 2019.

"The music is done. Music was wrapped up back in late December 2019, and obviously the pandemic broke and slowed everything down," Lombardo shared.

In terms of a release timeline, the drummer continued, "I think Patton has a couple more tracks to wrap up and we should be done… hopefully late 2021 release? I know he had a lot of projects that he had to wrap up including Tomahawk and several others. So you know, it's there. It's waiting."

As Lombardo mentioned, Patton's Tomahawk returned in March with Tonic Immobility, marking the group's first new album in eight years. Patton's 2021 has also included a wicked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cover and a live release with Mr. Bungle.

March also saw Lombardo and Pearson tease their involvement in new supergroup Satanic Planet. Following the release of their self-titled debut, Dead Cross shared a self-titled EP in 2018.