Guillermo del Toro Hits Up Toronto's Vinegar Syndrome While Filming 'Frankenstein'

"Great shop!! Did some damage."

Photo via @RealGDT on Twitter

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Mar 18, 2024

All the girlies have been going on about the Jacob Elordi sightings in Toronto, but what about the man who is nothing short of the reason for the heartthrob's presence? That's Guillermo del Toro, who is directing a remake of Frankenstein for Netflix, which Elordi is starring in alongside Oscar Isaac and Mia Goth — and he's supporting local businesses along the way.

While you were drinking green beer yesterday (March 17), del Toro stopped by Vinegar Syndrome, the only Canadian brick-and-mortar location of the American cult film restoration and distribution company in the city's Roncesvalles neighbourhood. The director even took the time to give the physical media enthusiasts a little shoutout on Twitter, praising the shop and adding that he "did some damage."

As aforementioned, del Toro is in town working on his permutation of the Mary Shelley classic, which sees Elordi as Frankenstein's Monster (after Andrew Garfield had to drop out of the project due to scheduling conflicts). Isaac will play Dr. Frankenstein and Goth will be his love interest, alongside other A-list cast members like Christoph Waltz.

Well on his way to becoming something like a Drake figure, del Toro also filmed his last four live-action films — Nightmare Alley, The Shape of Water, Crimson Peak and Pacific Rim — in Toronto.

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