Barack Obama Loves 'BlackBerry'

He shouted out the extremely Canadian film on his list of the best movies of 2023

'BlackBerry' photo courtesy of Elevation Pictures

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 28, 2023

As is his annual tradition, Barack Obama has shared his list of his favourite films of the year — and it includes a nod for one of 2023's most Canadian films.

Matt Johnson's quintessentially Canadian comedy BlackBerry is among the 13 films Obama included on the year-end list he shared on social media. He also highlighted Exclaim!'s top film of 2023, Past Lives — which, technically speaking, is an American film, although Celine Song is Canadian and part of the film in set in Toronto.

Obama wrote that his three favourite films of the year were Rustin, Leave the World Behind and American Symphony, although he acknowledged his conflict of interest by pointing out that all three came out through Higher Ground Productions, the company co-founded by Barack and his wife Michelle Obama.

Also on the list are Exclaim! faves The Holdovers, Oppenheimer, American Fiction and Anatomy of a Fall. See Obama's list below, and Exclaim!'s own list of the best films of 2023 here.

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