Weezer Are Teasing Something Called the "Blue Voyage"

Is this the 30th anniversary tour for the 'Blue Album'

Photo: Tom Pandi

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 27, 2024

Weezer just Blue themselves. Rivers Cuomo has already promised that the band will celebrate their self-titled 1994 debut's 30th anniversary this year, and now they're preparing to launch something called the "Blue Voyage."

The band have launched a website at bluevoyage2024.com. It asks users to subscribe to emails, and promises, "the voyage takes flight on march 11, 2024."

Meanwhile, a post on X/Twitter shows the band members from the knees down, with them dressed up in outfits that look like spacesuits.

So what exactly is the so-called "Blue Voyage"? It's unclear if it's some sort of cruise (similar to the ones Weezer hosted in the early 2010s), or if they're simply doing outer space branding for their Blue Album tour.

Stay tuned, as all will presumably be revealed on March 11.

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