The Very Best "Let Go" (video)

The Very Best 'Let Go' (video)
World music-mashing duo the Very Best are exploring a series of 8-bit landscapes in the new, vintage videogame-styled video supporting their recent "Let Go" single.

As previously reported, the track breezily blends chiming guitars with the cloud-soft vocal harmonies of Esau Mwamwaya. It's not as heart-pumping a soundtrack as, say Mega Man 2 or the moon level of Ducktales, but the song is a suitable enough score to the digitized versions of Mwamwaya and bandmate Johan Hugo as they leap over a jungle level's man-eating crocodiles or duck polar bears in an ice world.

You can see the cutesy sprites' Adventure Island-influenced side-scrolling journey down below, while the Very Best's new Makes a King LP lands April 14 via Moshi Moshi.