The Very Best "Makes a King" (video)

The Very Best 'Makes a King' (video)
It's hard to deny the global impact skateboarding has made over the years. With that in mind, you can check out the talent of the burgeoning Ethiopian skateboard scene in a new, trick-heavy video for the title track to the Very Best's recent Makes a King LP. 

The video was produced in conjunction with Ethiopia Skate, an organization which donates decks to kids and attempts to "coordinate opportunities for foreign skaters to link up with locals at skate spots around the country." As such, the video showcases all sorts of sweet spots to perform kick flips and grinds, from city streets to more remote, d.i.y. ramps. The organization is looking to raise funds to build Ethiopia's first-ever public skatepark

The video is scored by the Very Best's uplifting dance pop tune, and you can catch the kids busting out their best moves down below.