Tom Petty Honoured with His Own Custom Gibson Wildflower Guitar

But only 100 are being made and they aren't cheap
Tom Petty Honoured with His Own Custom Gibson Wildflower Guitar
Tom Petty is being celebrated by the folks of Gibson with a new signature guitar in honour of the late artist's beloved Wildflowers.

The company has revealed it is releasing the new guitar called the Tom Petty SJ-200 Wildflower — an instrument directly inspired by the rock legend and his beloved 1994 album. As Gibson explains, the original SJ-200 Wildflower was a one-off that was built for Petty during the Wildflowers era in the 1990s.

"It is so incredible to see the SJ-200 design our Dad worked on so long ago, lovingly brought to fruition with his longtime guitar tech and friend Alan Weidel and the craftsmen and women at Gibson guitars," Tom Petty's daughter Adria Petty said in a statement.

"There has been much effort made to make certain this guitar lives up to Tom's musical standards and the specs he wanted for a best-in-class instrument. Alan Weidel has put this instrument through its paces as he has with all Tom Petty signature guitar models."

You can check out an image of the pretty beautiful guitar above, while a video showing off the six-string can be seen below. As you'll see, the guitar features Tom Petty's signature engraved on the pickguard, along with a variety of other tip-offs to Wildflowers.

"Tom played the SJ-200 while writing and recording Wildflowers and to us it is an honour and a privilege to have Gibson launch this instrument to celebrate his musical masterpiece," Adria Petty said. "That way others can make what my Dad called 'the big jangle' a reference to that gorgeous, big, SJ-200 acoustic sound he loved."

Only 100 of the guitars will be produced, and if you can the cash, you can still order yourself one here. You will need to pony up $9,999 USD, though.