Tom DeLonge to Release Four Albums in 2015

Tom DeLonge to Release Four Albums in 2015
Just in case To the Stars... wasn't enough for you, absentee Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge has revealed he has plans to put out four albums by the end of 2015.

Though details have yet to be delivered in full, DeLonge took to Twitter last night (March 17) to report his ambitious goals to the faithful.

It's unclear at present how he plans to roll these out, but as previously reported, DeLonge's To the Stars... is due April 20. The release is expected to feature various demos and outtakes. He's already revealed the album track "New World," while he had previously hinted at dropping additional pre-release song previews on March 23 and April 6.

DeLonge's seemingly prolific 2015 comes in the wake of a public feud with the other members of Blink-182. It should be noted that bassist Mark Hoppus had recently explained that the rest of the group had been struggling with getting DeLonge into the studio to produce new material.

"We've been trying to record an album for the better part of two years and we had agreed to go in to record and my guess is that Tom was embarrassed because he doesn't want to do Blink," Hoppus had said.  

Despite DeLonge's hiatus, which has brought Alkaline Trio member Matt Skiba into the fold with Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker, he has yet to officially quit Blink-182.

"I think the right thing for him to do would [be to] just man up and quit the band instead of telling people he didn't quit and just be real with the fans. I think that would give him some closure too and really do what he's passionate about," Barker said earlier this month. "Even amongst all the other projects I do, I can always find a way to prioritize and still be passionate about Blink-182 when it comes around."