Watch blink-182 Perform in a Denny's


BY Ben OkazawaPublished Oct 27, 2023

blink-182 have never taken themselves too seriously (see Tom DeLonge's "I like boobies. I like boobies" comments), and that's something we kind of like about them. Maybe not when it comes to making pre-pubescent boob and dick jokes, but when one of the world's biggest pop-punk bands shows up to Denny's just to recreate a meme and treat patrons to a show that would cost hundreds elsewhere, you can't help but applaud it. 

The surprise bash took place at a Denny's location in Long Beach, CA, late last night (October 26). In the clip, the trio can be seen taking on the ONE MORE TIME... opener "ANTHEM PART 3."

Naturally, Mark Hoppus had to pay homage to a classic meme by shouting, "WHAT THE FUCK IS UP DENNY'S?!" 

The show has been making the rounds on X (formerly Twitter) today, with some criticizing the group for hijacking the restaurant's patrons. "Imagine going to dennys on a casual thursday afternoon and blink182 shows up starts singing family reunion while youre trying to enjoy your dennys grand slam after your exhausting 9 to 5," one critic wrote. 

Based on the crowd's animated moshing, it appears as though at least the vast majority of Denny's customers were more than okay with the interruption to their meal. If that's what the crowd is like inside a restaurant, floor tickets at blink's show in Toronto at the end of the One More Time Tour might have to come with a waiver. 

Watch full clips of the surprise performance below. 

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