Someone Turned Waxahatchee's "Right Back to It" into a Trance Banger

Coming soon to a Much Video Dance near you

Photo: Jennifer Hyc

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 10, 2024

Do you occupy the centre of the Venn diagram of people who love Waxahatchee's gorgeous new album Tigers Blood and people who attended a Much Video Dance in 1998? In that case, this remix is for you, since someone has turned "Right Back to It" into a thumping trance banger straight outta the '90s.

The remix comes from Miami duo So​FTT. It's a full-on ravey thumper that, frankly, works way better than it ought to with its vaguely Rednex-style club hoedown.

They posted the song as a free download on SoundCloud, with the duo's Trevor McFedries writing, "Waxahatchee is my favourite artist of the last decade and I made this thinking we'd be the only people in the world who would want to play trance edits of MJ Lenderman and Waxahatchee but after we played it on Kiosk Radio in Brussels we got so many DMs about it I decided to set it free on here."

Hear the song below.

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