Sloan Announce 'This One's an Original' Limited Edition Vinyl

The collection features two originals and 12 covers of 1970s/80s hardcore punk
Sloan Announce 'This One's an Original' Limited Edition Vinyl
Sloancore, anyone? Fresh off their double-header at Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre, the storied rock quartet have a new vinyl offering called This One's an Original via Murderrecords.

On sale today, the special-edition translucent — "clear like my straight and alert mind, man!" — pressing is limited to 1,200 copies. The collection features two Sloan originals that were initially released as a 7-inch vinyl single back in 2013, alongside 12 covers of 1970s/80s hardcore punk classics by the likes of Black Flag, Angry Samoans, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks and more.

Explaining the history behind the release, Sloan co-founder Chris Murphy wrote in a statement:

The phrase "This one's an original," is oft said by bands that have the audacity to sneak their own songs into their repertoire of crowd-pleasing covers; sometimes sheepishly, sometimes defiantly. I certainly heard it said a lot — and would have said it a few times myself — during the punk/hardcore shows in Halifax in the mid-to-late '80s.

In 2013, Patrick [Pentland] and I convinced Jay [Ferguson] and Andrew [Scott] to record two original songs in the style of American hardcore and while we were at it record 12 more hardcore covers from the '80s (and 1979, nerds!).

The two originals originally came out as a 7-inch and the 12 covers were a digital add-on.
This One's an Original has all 14 songs in one collection with the covers appearing on vinyl for the first time. It was the ratio of 14 covers to 2 originals gave us the idea to call this collection This One's an Original.

From the mid-1980s to 2013 to 2021, these recordings have quite the lineage through the band's evolution. Cut at 45rpm "for maximum thrash," you can rest assured the record will be as punishing as the musician Murphy dressed up as for Halloween this year.

See the full album tracklist for This One's an Original below, and hear Sloan's 2013 original "Jenny."

This One's an Original:

1. It's in You, It's in Me (Sloan)
2. Gas Chamber (Angry Samoans)
3. Filler (Minor Threat) 
4. Gimme Sopor (Angry Samoans)
5. Bully (7 Seconds)
6. Retrospect (Gray Matter)
7. Catalina (The Descendents)

1. Jenny (Sloan)
2. Fountains (The Nils)
3. This Is the Angry, Pt. 2 (7 Seconds)
4. Hot Cars (Angry Samoans)
5. Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag)
6. Wasted (Circle Jerks)
7. We're Only Gonna Die (Bad Religion)